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Shinko Metal Products Co Ltd

Manufacture and sale of copper tubes, fabricated products, composite products, etc. Manufacture of condenser tubes.

We have been producing copper alloy heat exchanger tubes since 1917, and developed the special aluminum brass tube in 1929. Aluminum brass tubes have been widely used as condenser and heat exchanger tubes.

We have also produced other copper alloy tubes, such as copper-nickel or admiralty brass, which are used as heat exchanger tubes in power plants, desalination plants, oil refineries and petrochemical plants, ships and other industries. In 1995 we received ISO 9001 certification, as the first among Japanese copper and copper alloy tube manufacturers, recognizing our determination to continue meeting stringent customer demands for quality with the finest products.

Features of copper alloy tubes produced by Shinko Metal Products are as follows.

  1. High quality of tubes are produced by through process from melting to final packaging based on ISO 9001, and their quality is guaranteed by eddy current testing in the final step of manufacturing processes. Not only encircling type but also rotating type testing is applied to tubes for power and desalination plants.
  2. Internal surface quality against the crevice corrosion is guaranteed by sand blasting for sensitive alloys such as CN108 in BS2871 or C71640 in ASTM.
  3. Tubes have good workability because chemical composition and quality of the ingot are strictly controlled. Therefore, for example, hard-to-work low fin tubes such as CN108 or C71 640 are also able to be provided.
  4. Special aluminum brass, named ALUMIBRASS, is produced as same as plain aluminum brass. It is modified by a small amount of nickel and provides more excellent corrosion resistance.
  5. High grade heat exchanger tubes such as copper alloy tubes with protective film or duplex tubes were developed. Using these tubes, maintenance of heat exchangers would become easier and thermal efficiency would be remarkably improved.

Furthermore, Shinko Metal Products is one of the nondestructive inspectors. According to eddy current testing in the field and investigation of sample tubes, we diagnose the life of heat exchanger tubes and make a suggestion for the improvement.

Shinko Metal Products is an experienced and synthetic company for condenser and heat exchanger tubes.