Hayward Tyler and Varley Pump

Hayward Tyler

Hayward Tyler

Hayward Tyler offer a comprehensive range of Fluid Filled Electric Motors and Pumps that are designed to meet the most demanding of applications and environments for energy markets. Exceptional build quality is what makes Hayward Tyler products the first choice for so many operators today. Our attention to detail and precision engineering is demonstrated at hundreds of locations around the world, with many of our installations running non-stop for over 20 years.

Hayward Tyler offers a comprehensive range of Fluid-Filled Electric Motors and Submersible Pumps are:-

Submersible Seawater and Service Water Lift Pumps

  • Efficient cooling system; water has superior thermal conductivity over the oil fill.
  • Heat balanced system; a motor that runs cooler runs longer.
  • Higher unit efficiencies over oil filled motors.

Sumo Submersible Borehole Pumps

  • High degree of efficiency for water applications.
  • Long life and low maintenance pumps are an excellent choice for water extraction.

Boiler Circulating Pumps

  • Complex balances of electrical variables are optimised with the corresponding mechanical requirements resulting in longevity and reliability.
  • Efficient cooling results in high power output.
  • The motor is wound with XLPE insulated cable.



Varley Pumps

Varley Pumps

Varley Pumps is part of the Hayward Tyler Group, have been manufacturing double helical gear pumps and gear equipment for over fifty years. Their success comes from having a high reliability design, adopting a flexible approach and meeting all customer requirements.

Varley Pumps offers a bespoke pump range that includes API 676 positive displacement pumps and twinset pumps. Varley Pumps product range are:-

Double Helical Gear Pumps - Available in a range of sizes with flow rates between 1.5m³/hr.

  • Pressures range from 5 bar to 35 bar and can be supplied for standard and speial applications.
  • Approved by NCB, Power Generation Authorities, British Rail, British Steel, British Gas, Lloyds, The Post Office, The Admiralty, Bureau Veritas, Norske Veritas, American Bureau of Shipping

API676 Gear Pumps (Positive Displacement Pumps - Rotary API 676)

  • Manufacture a range of outstanding double helical gear pumps in accordance with the requirements of API 676 utilising API 682 shaft sealing systems.
  • This range complements the popular standard product and draws on the extensive knowledge gained in oil transfer, process feed, and forced lubrication around the world.