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 CheckPoint Process Pumps & Systems

CheckPoint Process Pumps & Systems

CheckPoint is a leading provider of production solutions. We design, manufacture, and market the world’s most reliable chemical injection pumps and pump packages, control panels, pressure test systems, green energy solutions, and process components. CheckPoint Pumps & Systems built a reputation for reliability in the oil & gas production and refining industries, and our products are selected wherever reliability and quality are essential.

Chemical Injection Packages
CheckPoint chemical injection packages are designed, fabricated, and tested in-house to provide outstanding functionality and quality. CheckPoint packages are optimized from the beginning to minimize downtime and maintenance expense, resulting in lower operating costs for our customers. From the initial P&ID stage to component selection, engineering, fabrication, and through to final testing, CheckPoint puts our years of experience into building each package to an exceptionally high quality standard, with an intuitive layout and a minimum number of parts. CheckPoint's innovative approach applies to challenging applications some of which are listed below:

Reliable Drag Reducing Agent (DRA) Injection; Fully Compatible Bleach (NaCIO) Dosing Solution; Self-Powered, Portable Methanol Injection Package; Pour Point Depressant Package, ATEXCertified Packages, Standardized Packages, Scale Inhibitor & Biocide Packages.

Checkpoint's Pneumatically Powered, Positive Displacement, Reciprocating Injection Pumps Exhibit Superior Durability
Specifically designed for and proven in demanding oil and gas production applications, CheckPoint pumps are used in many other industries, including pulp & paper, water treatment, fertilizer dosing, and food processing.

Our pneumatic line covers flow rates from 0.005 to 1,175 USG/H (0.02 to 4,447.37 L/H) and process pressures up to 20,000 PSIG (1380 BARG). The CheckPoint pneumatic motor is composed entirely of SS316. It is double-acting (no return spring), and can utilize many pressurized fluids (gases and liquids) as drivers. Chemical heads are available with a plunger and premium seal and construction materials, including TM TM Hastelloy, Ceramic, 316SS, Titanium, PVC, PVDF, PTFE, and Kalrez.

1250 & 1500 Series and 5400 & 8400 Series
CheckPoint Chemical Injectors are pneumatically powered, positive displacement, reciprocating pumps with superior durability.

The Gas Recovery (GR) Option
The Gas Recovery (GR) Option is available on all new and existing Series 1250, Series 1500, Series 6200, Series 5400 and Series 8400.

Chemical Injection Pumps. This option ties together the supply gas vent ports on the pump motor, enabling recovery or re-routing of all exhausted supply gases. This feature is specifically intended for oil and gas producers who use natural gas to drive their pneumatic chemical injectors.

Electric Pumps: 1250E & 1500E Series, 1250F & 1500F Series and Series FXA
API 675 plunger pumps with high accuracy and head multiplexing capability.

Series FXS Solar Injection System
CheckPoint’s Series FXS Solar Injection System was designed to provide a quality, low-maintenance, and environmentally friendly chemical injection solution. From its high-grade materials of construction (316SS, Hastelloy, and PVC) to its unique tripod stand, this system was

MD Series Pumps & Packages
CheckPoint MD Series Pumps are specifically developed to handle the most challenging applications. The pump produces a leak proof, positive-displacement flow at rates up to 2,220 USG/H (8,403 L/H) and at pressures up to 2,500 PSIG (172 BARG). The MD delivers nearly maintenance-free operation for your most demanding applications. It will handle the pressure, temperature, friction and suspended particle challenges of your worst applications with outstanding reliability.

Series HDA Electric Pump
The Series HDA is a chemical pump that uses reciprocating motion to pressurize hydraulic fluid on one side of a diaphragm set, causing the diaphragms to flex outward into a chemical head. The other side of the diaphragm set is in contact with the chemical, which is pumped out at the same pressure as the hydraulic fluid. The pump head has several safety and indication features. The first safety feature is an internal relief valve on the hydraulic supply side, which limits the pressure the pump can supply. The Series HDA is driven by an electrical drive unit. The hydraulic plunger and bushing are constructed of strong ceramic materials for long life and low wear. This material selection allows for repeatable and consistent pumping of chemical.

Rental Packages
All of our injection packages are available on daily rental / hire contracts. Other then this, CheckPoint also supply brand new chemical injection pump skids / systems for purchase.